Go Ezko!

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Ezko is a no-frills rapper from Gaithersburg, Maryland whose ear for beats and palpable skill with words forces his listeners to pay attention. A clear student of hip-hop, he not only has rhymes that reflect a lyricism-first attitude without the pretentiousness, but he often pays homage (presumably) to the rappers who influence him…” - Noisey.com

"His new EP SLEEP feels like his strongest step yet, a worthy use of his ability and ear for old school-leaning beats that don’t feel hopelessly stuck in the past..”- Pigeons and Planes

Maryland rapper Ezko gives us the diary of the last two-years of his journey as a millennial, who pushes
through opposition from friends and family, to solidify his position in the music industry. His album, BUY MY$ELF, chronicles the high-life of realizing your dreams and seeing them come to fruition, and the harsh reality of the sacrifices that come with following your dreams.

The follow-up to his SLEEP EP, BUY
proves that Ezko has found his footing, and is hitting the ground running, in a place where very few
survive as a rapper.

Named as one of NOISEY’S artists to watch in the “DMV” Washington, DC region, Ezko places listeners at a
crossroads asking: do you want to chase your dreams (by yourself), or do you want to chase a
paycheck (buy yourself)?